AutoMats: Your revenue generating branding partner.
The cars already come with factory mats why should I pay for two sets?

True. Every new car comes with a set of factory mats which is a great advertising opportunity for the OEM. Reinforcing Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford etc. doesn’t do anything when it comes to branding your dealership. What we are creating for you is a way to reinforce and solidify your brand specifically and not the factories. AutoMats gives our partner dealers an opportunity to continue to build and reinforce the relationship that you already started during the initial sale months after the customer has left your lot.

I can see using these for our preowned vehicles but what are the advantages of using them for our new car stock?

True, your preowned vehicles are a natural fit for our AutoMats, but remember our goal is to reinforce and strengthen your brand with every customer that buys a car from you. Continuing to reinforce that positive experience leads to repeat business. Whether the customer purchased a preowned or a new vehicle, the goal is still the same, to drive additional revenue.

We have key tags, license plate holders, and brand scripts that have our name on them. Why would we need mats?

All of those items have a purpose in your branding/advertising plan, but as you recall we are trying to create differentiation between you and your competition. Every dealer has these items so there is little that separates you from a competitor. Our AutoMats program is not only unique, it is designed to reinforce long-term. Key tags get lost, license plate holders are an imaging tool for anyone that drives up on a car (not a branding piece). As mentioned, your logo’d mats are seen every time the customer or potential customer opens up the car door resulting in a long-term branding and advertising program that lasts months after the sale.

We are the #1 volume dealer in this area. Most of my business is repeat business. Why do I need AutoMats?

That says a lot about your dealership and the job you have done building your brand. But that also poses a different challenge. Because you are the top dog everyone is out to gain market share from you, so it is imperative that you need to be more creative than your competition to stay one step ahead. You need to create separation between you and your competition and keep thinking outside the box to keep your market share. This is what our AutoMats program was designed to do. Plus, there are still customers out there that are doing business with your competition. How are you reaching out to them? What creative things are you doing to advertise your dealership? This is where our AutoMats program shines. Dollar for dollar, AutoMats will be the most cost-effective branding and advertising program that will keep your dealership top in your market.

Times are tough right now. We cannot add another expense. In fact, we are trying to cut costs...

We can respect your situation; in fact, times are tough for all dealers. That is what makes our program advantageous. Remember, our program was designed to generate income for your dealership. When times get tough, it is imperative that you look at which programs give you the biggest bang for your buck. You need to ask yourself, where can I find a revenue-generating branding and advertising program that lasts months after the sale, is unique, creates differentiation and repeat business, while building a stronger loyalty between the dealership and our customer? If you look at what you are doing currently, and are honest with yourself, I think you will find the answer that AutoMats is the best way to maximize your ROI. AutoMats can offer you the best advertising and branding solutions for a fraction of what you are paying now.

Our universal mats come in three colors: black, tan, and gray.
Scott Sturges