“I have been using AutoMats for several years now at three different dealerships and have been very satisfied.”

10 Benefits to Dealers

  1. Proven branding and advertising program on the interior of the car that reinforces the dealers' brand multiple times throughout the day and reminds customers every time they open the car door about the positive experience they had at your dealership.

  2. Repetitive brand exposure creates repeat business, keeping the dealership top-of-mind with the customer.

  3. Allows the dealer to differentiate itself from the competition by providing a visual difference at the point of sale.

  4. Professionally embroidered mats that add a “perceived value” to the automobile.

  1. Helps the interior of the car look cleaner.

  2. Generates additional income to the sales, parts, and service departments.

  3. Builds brand loyalty with customers.

  4. Provides a unique advertising program that generates new business.

  5. Continuous brand reinforcement on the interior of the car where both your customer and potential customers spend most of their time.

  6. Quality is as nice if not nicer than the manufactured mats, at a fraction of the cost.

7 Benefits for Rental Car Companies

  1. Increase customer satisfaction.

  2. Create repeat business.

  3. Dress up the interior of the car – from stains, tears, and dirt.

  4. Decrease cleaning costs.

  1. Create awareness for programs and services that the rental company offers: Blue Chip Rewards, Smart Business, SmartBiz, Multi-Month Rental Program.

  2. Create cross-promotional opportunities for customers: car sales, airline partners.

  3. Increase wholesale/retail dollars.

How can I get more people to the dealership? And how can I generate more revenue for the sales, parts, and service departments?

AutoMats has a proven track record of helping you answer both of these questions. We are confident in saying that AutoMats will be the most cost-effective, revenue-generating branding and advertising program that you will ever institute at your dealership.

Our AutoMats give you the added benefit of creating very unique branding (geared towards your current customer) and advertising (designed for potential customers) using the interior of the car where both your past customers and future customers spend most of their time.

Through repetitive brand exposure (as customers are in and out of their cars multiple times per day), your dealer brand and the positive experience the customer had at your dealership are reinforced, keeping your dealership top-of-mind months after the sale. This type of exposure is recalled when future services are required by the customer ie: oil change, tune-up, a part for their car, or it comes time for another new or pre-owned automobile, driving additional income for the sales, parts, and service departments.

Our universal mats come in three colors: black, tan, and gray.
Scott Sturges