The cars already come with factory mats. Why should I pay for two sets?

True. Every new car comes with a set of factory mats, which is great advertising for the OEM. Unfortunately, it does nothing to brand your dealership. We help you promote your brand identity with in-vehicle advertising. Our high-quality mats reinforce your relationship with customers for months and years after the initial sale.

I can see using these for preowned vehicles. But what are the advantages of using them in our new vehicle inventory?

Preowned vehicles are a natural fit for AutoMats. But remember, our goal is to reinforce and strengthen your brand with EVERY customer. Reinforcing a positive sales experience leads to repeat business. Whether you’re selling a new or preowned vehicle, the goal remains the same — to drive additional revenue.

We have key tags, license plate holders, and brand scripts with our name on them. Why do we need mats?

Each of those items has a purpose in your branding and advertising plan. And every dealer has them. Our goal is to create differentiation between you and your competition. AutoMats aren’t only unique — they’re designed to build long-term relationships. Key tags get lost, and license plate holders are visible outside the vehicle. That’s not where your customers spend their time. Our logoed mats are visible every time a customer or potential customer opens the car door.

We are the #1 volume dealer in this area. Most of my business is repeat business. Why do I need AutoMats?

You’ve done a tremendous job building your brand. As the top dealer, you’re the number 1 target for competitors seeking to erode your market share. Constant improvement is imperative to stay one step ahead of the competition. This is exactly what AutoMats is designed to do. Plus, there are still customers doing business with your competition. How are you reaching out to them? This is where AutoMats shines. Dollar for dollar, AutoMats will be the most cost-effective branding and advertising program your dealership can invest in.

Times are tough. We can't add another expense. In fact, we are trying to cut costs.

We respect your situation. Times are tough for all dealers. Remember, Automats are designed to generate income for your dealership. When times get tough, it’s critical to examine which programs deliver the biggest bang for your buck. Ask yourself: “Where can I generate instant revenue? What branding and advertising tactics last months after the sale? What makes my brand unique? What creates differentiation and repeat business, while building a customer loyalty?” Compared with traditional branding solutions, AutoMats offers the highest ROI. We deliver a premium branding solution for a fraction of what you are paying now.

“ We use AutoMats in every one of our pre-owned vehicles. ”


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