Welcome to the VIP Club!

Special Discounts on New Subaru Vehicles

Service Center Discounts

Parts/Accessories Discounts

Free Loaner Vehicle for Service

Multiple Car Incentives

Personal Brand Specialist

On-site Employee Information Presentations

Fleet Preferred Pricing for Service, Parts and Accessories

New Owner’s Party

The Tech

Advertising Less Effective

One-and-done promotions flawed

  • Not built to retain customers $$$ for one sale
  • Customers are more discerning and informed

New Engagement is 100% Digital

  • Spends most time on screens
  • Depend on technology

Who is AMG?

We are an extension of your marketing department that maximizes customer engagement in a way that you have never done before.

We help you create a VIP experience for the customer to boost CSI and drive additional revenue for your sales, parts and service departments.

How We Help You Win

By utilizing technology to your benefit: QR Codes.

QRs link customers directly to your dedicated messages

Technology that is easy to use and is trusted by consumers

Traditional marketing steroids, but better

QR usage is on the rise

  • In 2022, approximately 89 million smartphone users in the US scanned a QR code on their mobile devices, up by 26 percent compared to 2020.
  • QR use is projected to experience constant growth, reaching over 100 million users in the U.S. by 2025 on screens.

Benefits For All Departments!


  • VIP / Loyalty Program
  • Vehicle Exchange Programs
  • Reward referrals for new sales
  • Advertise older inventory to move
  • First access to test drive new inventory


  • VIP Specials on inventory that needs to move
  • Free shipping or discounts off desired products
  • Merch


  • VIP / Loyalty Program
  • Increase monthly RO’s
  • Preferred service time scheduling
  • Preferred service time scheduling
  • Referral Program
  • Loaner Vehicle scheduling
  • Pickup / Drop-off scheduling
  • Coupons
  • Communicate specials: Oil changes, Tires, Tune-ups, Etc

In Every Vehicle

New and Used vehicles

Vehicles that come in for service

Branded/QR code mats sold in parts dept

Your customers are always connected

Direct channel of communication to the dealership

Tier 1: AMG manages entire QR Code program

  • Set up landing pages
  • Track QR code conversions
  • Optimize your messaging
  • Create compelling messaging to drive more traffic
  • Send out email/text reminders to drive QR code usage

Tier 2: AMG works with dealership IT/web team

  • AMG sets up QR code framework
  • Works with dealer team to create landing pages
  • Dealer team manages messages/conversions
  • AMG on-call to assist with any tech issue

Tier 3: Dealership manages entire QR code program

  • AMG sets up QR code framework
  • AMG has access to QR code data only
  • Dealership responsible for conversion, messaging and communication

Program Cost

All Tiers are included in the price of each set of AutoMats

Dealers can pass price for these mats on to customers

Revenue generated will far exceed cost of mats

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